comics come home #21

Lenny Clarke arrived wearing a Fuck Cancer T-shirt and his outfit only got more offensive as the evening progressed.

For my part, I have many more images to share, but will leave those for additional posts later this week.  It was an honor and a pleasure to get a little glimpse behind the curtains. Today, I want to focus on the sentiment of the night.

If anyone’s personality was formed around giving the middle finger to everything and anyone, it is Denis Leary. So it is only natural that he is the “Asshole” driving force behind the annual Comics Come Home benefit for the Cam Neely Foundation.  An event where, for one night, comedy, hockey and really all of Boston unite to battle tears with laughter.  Last night, with this as their rallying cry and backed up by a rocking band, the Enablers, an all-star comedy line up brought the goods all night.  Since they do it better than me, check out what the press, social media, etc. have to say in the links below.

We all know someone taken from us or struggling against cancer. If you can click through to one of the support pages,  I would highly encourage it. Or, keep this event in mind for next year’s calendar. You never know when you might be sizing up your own Fuck Cancer T-shirt. #cch21


Denis Leary twitter

Dirty water TV


Adam Roth cancer fund – From CCH band


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