november 7 2015, boston, ma. cam neely

cam neely gathering his thoughts before delivering the opening address to Comics Come Home #21

coming in to this event, i had wanted to tell him “thank you” for his service, past and present to the Bruins.  i wanted  to tell him how i, too, hated Ulf.  i wanted to tell him that i thought i saw every game he ever skated in.  i wanted to tell him that i still picture him delivering the best open ice hit i ever saw (he blew up some poor Hartford Whaler unfortunate enough to be wrapping the net while he was barreling in with targets on the whale tale).  i wanted to tell him how sorry i was that he lost his parents and how admirable it was that he was able to turn this grief into such a positive thing for his — our — community.  hopefully this was all implied when i let out a meager “hi…”

more than anything, i wanted to take a great photograph of him.

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