in june of 2015 i decided to start a portrait series.  i have been asked why.  simply, there are two main motivations.  the first motivation is to keep pushing myself and the other is my interest in aging or what the years do to us inwardly and outwardly.  so far, these images are of people of the following ages, 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 80.  i plan to continue to add to this series for as long as i enjoy the challenge.  if you are, or you know some one who is, at one of these pivotal ages—an age divisible by ten— where you are in the next age definable phase of your life, please consider adding your mug to “thetens”. thank you to those that have participated so far and those who plan to in the future!


josh -40

DSC_3840_18998451784_lcan i just say wow!

sarah -30

DSC_6211_20462941342_ljust another age, i guess.

andrea – 80


i don’t see it as any different – it’s very freeing to be old enough; you don’t have to push yourself for a career or professional life. i like being older.

chelsea -30


i’m starting to get a clue, i’m more purposely adventuring.

bill -60

DSC_0357_21178294761_lfeels exactly the same as turning 50… or 30 or 40 —- i look so old, especially when i look in the mirror.

kevin  -40

DSC_1878_20452266960_leverybody turns 40 at least once right? i set a lot of goals for 40.  i wanted to take care of my body, my health.   

rory -10

DSC_2470_20914753085_lit felt good, i was finally double digits.

livia -10

DSC_2993_21170479095_li don’t know.

chris -40

DSC_5272_21333468709_lif i was in hollywood right now, i would be 19.

peter -50

DSC_5442_20928799593_li don’t feel any different inside.

justin – 10

DSC_2424-2_19019000172_lwants to be a video game designer

lesley – 40

DSC_2566-2_19254683920_li can tell who i want to model myself after as i get older, and not be so hung up on age

quinn – 10

DSC_2801-2_19313508285_li like it, because then your parents can trust you and you can do the things you like to do

amy – 20

DSC_2828-2_19151817168_l20 is kind of bland, you’re not 21 but you’re no longer in your teens

sky – 20

DSC_2863_19314537911_lyou’re more on your own

novi – 30

DSC_2988-2_19287358176_li keep blinking

nya – 10

DSC_3128-2_19339058875_li am liking being older than one digit

hillary – 50

DSC_3207-2_19176833898_lthey were talking about this the other day on npr…now that i have turned 50, i feel very comfortable at this age. i think i cared more about what people thought of me [when i was younger].

maite – 0


amy – 30


there is a lot unknown with the next decade

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  • Liane Greaney says:


    I love the idea of the tens and enjoy the pictures immensely. There is something special about each decade it might be interesting to join forces with a writer who can write about those differences.

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