urban legends

I bumped into Grampa Phil (pictured above) at the Shiny Party at Grumpy’s back in December.  Shiny party photos featuring Crooked Coast can be found here, this however is not what I am here to talk about.  With the popularity of the website, Phil is about as “Real Cape” as you can get.  Why wasn’t he seen at the Real Cape auditions (photos of this spectacular are coming eventually)?  Grampa Phil is a walking urban legend, a couple of summer seasons ago he got hit by a car driven (presumably) by a tourist (or what I am calling a summanaught) near the Queens Byway and walked away mostly unscathed.   On this night Phil and I got to chatting and it turns out that we have both spent some time in Cataumet.  This is where the tale of another urban legend begins.


It’s the 80’s and a local cannabis dealer is hauling his shipment of goods from way down south to his Scraggy Neck home in a U-Haul truck.  Too near home and with the coast now clear, but with his better judgement foggy (rumored impaired by his own contraband), he gets the truck stuck under the Cataumet Railroad bridge.  I smile just thinking about the truck rocking to a stop under that tiny bridge and the feeling of deep dread that must have washed over our “hero’s” face.  In what I am sure is a long story short, the entire haul of contraband is confiscated by Bourne’s finest.  Soon after the unfortunate “accident” the dealer’s house is burned, coincidence?  These two small urban legends have me wondering about the other “Real Capers”, living legends and tall stories that we have circulating around our fine peninsula.  This past winter we saw Buzzards Bay ice over.  I have heard for years that Vineyard Sound iced over and people walked to the Vineyard and back, anyone ever see pictures?   What other Codder Fodder do you know of?

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