january 31 2015, falmouth, ma

leaving the house, the bsm staff had discussed the possibility that if any crooked coast show was going to be a sleeper, with a chance to casually catch up with the locals, this was it.  deep january.  cold.  snow drifts taller than the mac attack’s van.  nope, it’s over.  with crooked coast, it’s over, your chance to see one of our local up and coming bands in the deepest, snowiest, coldest depths of january with a handful of your friends- it is just not happening.  this band has taken over the local music scene and grumpy’s was filled again.  arrive late and you will end up walking in from some neighboring parking lot. with needle beach opening and the coast boys bringing the night home, a new era of rock has taken over our formally sleepy little village.  congratulations to the hardest working band in the local scene, you have earned the love of the local masses.

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