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“It’s not our fault you love the wrong season,” so said I on social media. With this, I closed the book on summer, as many of us do, on labor day, the unofficial end to summer.  Summer around here is defined by so much, yet when I look back on summers past they are all tied to the sun and sun burns, a week of hot misery where sleep comes in fits. Summer comes in so triumphantly, with the first day where the car windows come all the way down even if you have to turn the heat and tunes all the way up.  Summa, as we like to call it around here, leaves triumphantly too, if you drag your ass out that one last time to see Crooked Coast cap off their summer internship with the students of Woods Hole at the Landfall.

What each summer does not share with the other is its unique, quintessential sound track.  As I grow older, I am beginning to think that if I am going to preserve any youth it will come from ensuring each summer is punctuated by new and vibrant music.  Music that brings you alive!  For me, the summer of 2015 will be remembered as the summer that The Real Cape Festival brought us Rubblebucket.  But mostly, it will be remembered for Crooked Coast defining yet another summer, stronger than ever.  Ben, Charles, John and Luke brought it all summer and all over the place, a new album, Wildlife – check, multiple festivals – check, jumping chartered ferries to the Vineyard on what seemed like every Thursday – check for your life preserver, school bus field trips down Cape to the world famous Beachcomber -check, video shoots on a spit of land in the ocean- check, toga parties uptown and their Landfall Friday night summer residency -check and mate.    Below is a little taste of the, “it can only happen in Woods Hole” fun and above are images of the close out show at the Landfall.

These summer songs.  They are important to us.  It feels special that such great music is coming from a local band.  The locals know they can head down to Grumpy’s or over the Beach House this fall and winter to listen to the guys work out the next songs of summer.  It’s autumn and that feels pretty good.  Yup.


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