The Women’s March on Washington

I may be too tired to editorialize lucidly… Here you will find some of the photos I am proud of from this past weekend’s Women’s March on Washington.  A weekend where I was proud of my wife.  I was proud of my friends.  I was proud of my country.  I was proud of my fellow woman.


My hope is the following quick anecdote will set the tone for things to come.  We had just finished walking across the Potomac, back to where our car was parked, when we suddenly left the sidewalk behind.  We found ourselves at a cross roads- literally- having crested a hill to find that we were at point where the only path forward was to essentially look death in the eye by playing in expressway traffic.  There was another small group, a younger party, halted at the same spot. They were rather hopelessly trying to tell an Uber where they were.  This location was no known address at the intersection of highway clovers and crossovers.  None of us should be pushing forward from here.  It was then when a motorcycle cop approached and over a bike loud speaker said.  “YOU CANNOT BE HERE!”


Yet there we were.  Right there.  In the most unfortunate spot.


Then the officer said, while stopping highway off ramp traffic, “OK! You are going to cross in front of me, onto the shoulder and walk on the right side of the road (pointing).  We did as told and he escorted us with the blue lights blazing.  It was then that he started to make conversation.  “Did you have a good time?”  and “Believe me, it’s a lot of paperwork if one of you gets killed.”


We were soon out of the woods and with a wave our hero accelerated into the night and we all went on to enjoy our lives, saved by a helping authority figure with a sense of valor and humor.


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