Slocum Glider Ru29 South Atlantic crossing recovery

Three simple rules.  Work hard, have fun, change the world.  -Doug Webb

Occasionally my day job and my passion for photography blissfully converge.  At the end of March 2016, I was thrilled to join oceanographic researchers, students and scientists on the R/V Algoa, departing from port in Cape Town, South Africa.  This multinational team was built to retrieve a Slocum glider that was just about to complete its return crossing of the Southern Atlantic Ocean.   Doug’s quote above was exemplified through out the week, from the lunches lost over the rail while slamming our way out into the open ocean 200 miles off shore, to the joy of sightseeing in a foreign land or the thrill of spotting  a small cluster of birds indicating the location little yellow ocean droid completing 282 days at sea while crossing the southern ocean basin, a first in history.

Congratulations to Teledyne Webb Research and Rutgers University on this amazing accomplishment and thank you for all the hard work along the way to University of Las Palmas, University of San Paulo, Sea Technology Services and the crew of the Algoa.


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