Real Cape Rolling Magical Mystery Christmas

i have never been in a parade before.  i almost always have a camera with me.  i am pretty certain these two facts conspired against my better judgement to avoid holiday cheer and landed me on the real cape, 51st Annual Falmouth Christmas parade float last week.

if you have never been in a parade, i now have a couple of recommendations:  get your act together, it’s time you get your butt into a parade.  get a pony.  start a dance troupe.  find something.  attract some fun loving, hard working, eccentric brethren.  get a band- from experience boombasnap would be a perfect choice.  if you really want to knock it out of the park recruit the ladies of the local burlesque group.  submit your parading application.  go.  march.  ride. wave. you will be glad you did.

this being my first parade witnessed from the inside out, i can now share with you some of the things you will see as you walk down the center of your community: joy, wonderment, befuddled amazement and lastly the support and love of your Real neighbors.  see for yourself!

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