yellow dog music fest set up

Tomorrow, September 12 2015, I will be shooting the Yellow Dog Music Festival.  That is not really what I am here to post about.  I volunteered to shoot the festival several weeks ago and when I spoke to one of the organizers it was suggested I might show up the day before to check out the set up and maybe get a couple of shots.  During the week while I live my non-photographic life, I attempt to find the occasional image and sometimes I like them.  I live for the opportunities like shooting tomorrow’s festival to really immerse myself in this photography addiction.  So, the surprise for today?  How many of these festival setup images, that I didn’t really think would amount to much, I really love!  I can sense already tomorrow is going to be a great day!  The setting is great.  The music should be eclectic and inspired, if by nothing else, youth and the vibe (if there is such a thing) which is compellingly casual.

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