it is not a stage!

It was not just the talented acts on stage that made this past weekend’s MV Sound music festival great.  It is the friend who helps you get the lash out of your eye, during your favorite song.  The two thumbs up you got from the miniature tiger.  It’s the security and sound guys and the sponsors who help pay them.  It’s the shoulder ride you got from your dad.  It’s the videographer talking into a headset. It’s the organizers and volunteers.  It’s your sisters stringing lights around the porta potties.  It’s the cop detail.  It’s your kid snuggling your drummer.  It’s the vendors, crafts people and the unexpected joke that explodes into many smiles.  It’s an appreciative audience.  It takes you enjoying and encouraging each of the photographers and their photos who memorialized the event.  Tonight’s edition of festival photos are some of my favorites, this is the stuff going on, just off stage.

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