h20 st fest

do you ever feel like there is so much to say you don’t know where to start?


i got my townie shirt this night.  i wear it globally.


i often wonder, if others are trying to determine what is motivating that guy with the camera or worse, do they even care?


i discovered the commonwealth this night.


it’s got to be about the images.


it’s about capturing your light that pierces the darkness, that reflection that cements the scene.


it’s about the memories.


was crooked coast born from this night or a night like this?


it’s about making memories.


it was june 2009 and niko was one drop and one drop was gathering the locals for the water st festival.


it rained.


isel and mike took the stage.


the warm days of summer being gone and coming again.


when you miss the second night of the h20 fest and you can never get it back.


this is my town and this is how i want to remember it.


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