black and white challenge #3

i have been challenged to participate in the black and white challenge for the third time.  the first two times i participated by shooting new black and white images over the course of a week.  in accepting the challenge from tom stroud this time i have decided to dig into the deep archives and use exclusively images that are pre-digital.  to date i have not named five photographers to participate in the challenge.  i am saving them up!

first image:

shot in 1994 in east falmouth, this image is of the set up a function room at a church. i have always loved the lines and expressions in this shot.

second image:

shot on christmas day in dublin in 1996, this is one of the best images i have ever found.  in many ways this image continues to be my quintessential shot.  i measure good days shooting against this day.  so many things had to add up to put me into position to be there for this image it now reflects many of my photographic beliefs. hidden in the margins of the story behind this image is buried my feelings about life itself.

third image:

a shot of thom plang during junior or senior year of high school around 1987 for photo class… while there are some technical issues, it is an early indicator of the type of “eye” i was looking to develop, all puns intended.

fourth image:

this is a portrait of kristen taken for a college photography class.  i still want to use this 4×5 linhof more than i do (any volunteers to sit?).  at the time i was shooting self portraits, while creating portraits, which turns out to be a lot more difficult than it sounds…

fifth image:

shot in waquoit at an improvised dumping ground in the mid 90’s… every serious photographer dabbles in nudes (no?).

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