black and white challenge #2

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the black and white challenge (take two), image #1(/2). today i have been challenged by Ken Carson to take the black and white challenge, while debating declining (since i have done it once) or looking into the archives, i remember i shot this image while walking to work this morning, since ken’s challenge shot featured a small boat there seemed to be a certain amount of synchronicity… so i have again decided to shoot my second five challenge shots “real time” over the course of this week.

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the black and white challenge (tomar dos), image #2(/2). set out a little early before going to work today to see if i could find today’s challenge image. it was a pretty productive morning and if needed i can source the remaining three challenge shots from just this 20 minutes of shooting. its funny, i often tell Erica M. that i have to get “warmed up” when shooting, however sometimes i am “seeing” and “making” the shots with little effort. this can be comforting as yesterday i was worried when accepting the challenge that the shots wouldn’t be there.

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the black and white challenge (redux), image #3(/2). not exactly perfectly framed, but my favorite from working this self portrait themed scene. i often find the photographer self portrait in the mirror shots cliche, i was in fact just thinking this very thought earlier today and here i am doing just that hours later. sometimes its good to laugh at yourself and your own silly pretensions…

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the black and white challenge (II), image #4(/2). i had planned on shooting and sharing one of the several series that i look for when out and shooting…however, sometimes, you step out the door on your way to work and the world interrupts your plans and gives you rainbows…

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the black and white challenge (again), image #5(/2). again while walking to the bus stop i had intended to look for a new shot in perhaps my series of locks (watch the comments), along the route i revisited a shot i took yesterday and found this, far superior to yesterdays attempt. my photography tends to be my interaction with the scenes of us “working class” people in our environments, somewhere between doing and being. when i am doing this well there seems to be a purposeful quietness to the images. and lastly lately i cannot stop hearing ben folds “rocking the suburbs” when i am out shooting…not sure exactly what that means… except, You’d better look out, because I’m gonna say fuck

nominations? anyone out there that has not been challenged want to be challenged?

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