september 2007

it was in september of 2007 as a 36 year old that i made my first trip to new york, new york.  but that is not what i am here to write about… impressed with the quality of image i was getting with the “snap shot” digital camera that erica and i had purchased in february of that year (a camera that was eventually stolen in a car break-in providence, ri), i had started considering adopting digital photography.  with this new work flow i additionally began thinking more about my photography, my relation to it and my community.  during a drive to dek hockey in lakeville, while near the plymouth, ma border,  it came to me:  BENSHOTME!  like an explosive bolt of chain lightning, i could see the days, years, a lifetime ahead of me.  a tack to port. was born the next day.  a much more serious digital “shooting” camera was soon purchased and then a second.  print edition magazines soon were produced. the first digital camera, a leica d-lux 3’s first shot is the featured image of of this album, a dilapidated chair roadside. with this, a new chapter in my life was begun.



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