The business of benshotme

If you are here, it is likely because ben pointed you here to read about “business” related stuff. Thank you for your time reading and understanding what follows.

It’s most important to me that you understand that my photos are extremely valuable to me.

This work will be what remains when I am gone. If you like or love one of my images, you have been touched by a sliver of what I will hope is my life’s work. As such, I would love for it to be respected.

Additionally, there are legions of very capable photographers out there who are doing comparable quality work to make a living. I would be doing them an injustice to give away images. This is my work and it has value. This work requires skill. All photography has value. My photography has significant value to me.

So what are the prices here at benshotme? It likely all comes down to the use of the image. I very rarely will surrender “all rights” to my work. I am in the fortunate position that presently, I am not a photographer for profit, so in general we can almost always come to a reasonable arrangement for everyone.

Big picture (pun intended), because I care for this work, I like knowing where and why the images are being used. I appreciate knowing you really like the images. I enjoy understanding what you like about them and where you want to use them and it’s important to me to know where they will be going. This understanding will help me determine the value to both of us. This understanding usually results in your usage falling into one of the general categories below.

Generally I work as follows:

Shooting – If I can make it, I shoot. Typically, if I am available and the subject is compelling I would love to arrive with a camera. Once shot, I publish here and everywhere as benshotme. In this way, you could view me as an independent journalist.

After that, I often get asked by people to “use” the images. Again, generally the request break down into the following categories…

Requests for Social media usage for the average Jo-sephine. I simply ask for photo credit– even better, a link back.

Social media for small established business OR print. I usually escalate to a request for photo credit, link back, and in-kind transaction/nominal donation of some sort. (For example, I have recently done senior portraits and the family has made a donation to the Falmouth Service Center in exchange.)

If interested in prints, I usually prefer you use my lab, as they do a great job. Let me know which image(s) and I can set them up to be ordered here:

Big business usage. For larger scale, profitable, businesses using images (for advertising or products, etc.) a photo credit, link back and/or market price for applicable use would apply.

I will occasionally entertain selling certain rights more broadly. This is done on a case by case basis.

In all cases, I maintain my copyright. In rare cases I arrange for all usage.

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