b and e turn 18

on this day 18 years ago i asked e to marry me.  i was nervous.  unexpectedly so.  she perfectly broke the awkward moment by blurting out “are you kidding!?”, with shock and disbelief, followed pretty quickly by yes (thankfully).  18 years later, a day early, we revisited the scene of the big joke, provincetown.  it’s pleasing, at least to me, to feel like not much has changed.  we spent another day in the wrong season in a very seasonal place.  another day kidding when things could be so serious.  as it was 18 years ago, there was camera in hand. we jointly, individually enjoyed the beach and the town.  here again, all this time later, at least for the photographer, things feel quite the same and so much better.  the camera like our relationship is comfortable, an extension of me and us.  both still can cause frustration, that the perfect results are not always there, but hopefully as you can see from the images, grace and wonder can still be found in these moments shared.

no kidding!



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